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Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

If you, a member of your family, or housemate exhibit loud snoring, abrupt awakenings, moments of gasping for air, and difficulties getting a good night’s sleep, contact our office for an evaluation and care.

When left untreated, sleep apnea can affect all aspects of your life and health. Besides nighttime difficulties, daytime problems, such as a morning headache, excessive sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, and irritability, often ensue. Furthermore, sleep apnea increases your risk for a range of medical conditions, including high blood pressure, chronic heart failure, atrial fibrillation, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems. It’s also associated with type 2 diabetes and depression.

Alleviating symptoms and producing successful treatment outcomes rely on a precise diagnosis

At the Sleep, Snoring, & Sinus Clinic of Florida, we offer comprehensive care to diagnose, manage, and treat sleep disorders. In addition to performing in-house sleep studies, we offer patients the comfort and convenience of home sleep testing, Remote PAP monitoring, and telemedicine visits.

What a sleep study reveals

A sleep study is typically conducted to diagnose and establish the presence of a sleep disorder. The results of this test along with other medical findings play an essential role in determining the appropriate treatment and approach to care.

A sleep study involves wearing a medical device while sleeping to monitor your vital signs and other parameters. This assessment can be performed as either a supervised polysomnography in a medical facility or a home-based sleep study. Although an overnight somnography provides clues as to how sleep deprivation and fragmentation affect the brainwaves while also monitoring your breathing, awakening, and movement during different stages of sleep, a home sleep study offers a more convenient option. A home sleep study allows people to sleep in their own beds as it monitors and documents breathing patterns and respiratory events.

Based upon a patient’s needs, Dr. Torre will prescribe the appropriate testing method to establish a diagnosis, monitor progress, and the effectiveness of care.

Treatment methods

Treatment for sleep apnea and snoring runs the gamut from lifestyle and behavioral modifications to non-invasive therapeutic methods and surgical intervention. To help patients enjoy better breathing, sleep, and chart a path to wellness, Dr. Torre provides a range of services and offers an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to care.

Lifestyle and behavioral changes

  • Weight loss
  • Not sleeping on one’s back
  • Avoiding alcohol or other sedating medications

Non-surgical therapy

  • PAP therapy (Positive Airway Pressure), including CPAP, BPAP, BPAP ST ASV (Adaptive Servo-Ventilation)
  • Nasal Breathing Rehabilitation/ Myofunctional therapy
  • Dental appliances for OSA

Surgical Intervention

  • Comprehensive nasal surgery
  • Soft tissue surgery of the upper airway
  • Skeletal surgery of the face
  • Stimulation of the upper airway using nerve stimulation

Telemedicine as a Solution

  • Increases access to remote patients - majority of OSA patients are not diagnosed
  • Decreases waiting time
  • Cost effective
  • Improved quality of care by increasing access to specialty care
  • Patient satisfaction as they become more familiar with the process
  • Reduced patient exposure (ex. COVID-19)

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